Bella Perks

We believe in "giving back" to those who are supporting us. That's why we came up with Bella Perks. Not only do you save on shipping costs (over 80%!), but you receive benefits throughout the year such as random gifts sent to you that we think you will like, Birthday surprises and swag we've picked up along the way.

You'll receive invitations to "new products" and we'll ask for your feedback along the way.

Save up to 80% in Shipping Costs with Bella Perks

Save up to 80% in Shipping Costs with Bella Perks

Save up to 80% in Shipping Costs with Bella Perks

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Become a Member for the year and save up to 80% on *shipping, you receive emails about new products we are adding to the website, we'll ask you for feedback on potential new product lines, receive gifts through the year for your Birthday and "just because."

*Bella Perks cannot be used for Local Delivery. Delivery comes with a separate fee so we can take care of our Delivery Drivers for their time and gas.


By adding Bella Perks to your cart, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.  Your subscription to Bella Perks will continue until canceled.  You are charged once/year for unlimited shipping.  With your Membership, you agree to receive emails regarding new product lines, potential product reviews and random gifts that will be shipped to you at our cost.  Our gift to you for being a subscriber and supporter of our online business.
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Your Perks Include

Year Round Free Shipping

Small, medium or large doesn't matter. You've got free shipping ~

New Product Preview

You will be the first to see new product lines that we are about to launch with ~

Birthday & Surprise Gifts

Receive complimentary surprise gifts and of course, a Birthday Gift too ~


Not at all!

You may order anything you like, give us the address and we will ship it to your recipient free of charge to you. This is a Standard Shipping rate and may take up to 8 days.

During our Proof of Concept stage which runs from December 15th, 2022 to January 15th, 2023, we are not accepting returns on any item.

Simply Log In to your Account here.

You may cancel your Membership with us at any time, no questions asked.

If you seek a Refund, be sure to cancel within 30-days of subscribing to Bella Perks. You may also email us directly and we will take care of the refund on the spot:


Your Subscription will renew every 12-months on the Anniversary Date from which you originally signed up.

Excellent question. We are glad you asked.


Bella Perks are for shipped orders only. We give our Delivery Drivers 100% of the Hand Delivered Fee in the Covington, LA, and surrounding areas.

We cannot combine free shipping AND charged Hand Delivery orders.

You will need to place two separate orders: one for shipped gifts and the other for hand-delivered gifts